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Outsmart Overeating Fall Term 2023

A community of women learning weight-loss science and replacing diet brain. Develop skills for lasting change at the intersection of mind/body/spirit

Course Summary

  Nourish with Grace

Outsmart Overeating Course

This course will teach you how to shift your thinking and beliefs about overeating while empowering you to eat your way to permanent weight loss.
Every week we explore an aspect of brain science and practical tools for sustained weight loss.

You will learn essential weight-loss fundamentals like:

• different types of hunger
• what creates satiety  
• working with self-sabotage
• turning down the volume of the self-critic
• how to make habits stick

You will learn a lot about how your brain helps and hinders your efforts.
Learn how to rebuild trust with your body and reconnect with your spirit.

We meet live on Zoom, Mondays at 12pm Pacific Time.
Every live class is recorded and available to you the same day.

 You receive weekly printables, homework 'invitations', and lots of between-class support.

Replay is available; video, audio and slide presentation.

You will learn tools, techniques and ideas that have been tried and proven to work for women just like you.  
You will be in private community of women on a similar journey,
who understand and share similar challenges.

You will be encouraged to keep your promises to yourself.

End this year proud and strong.

Get support going into the holidays for real and lasting change.

Begin the New Year healthier in mind, body, and spirit.

It's never too late and now is the perfect time.

Dr. Alicia Grace

What do you get when you cross a credentialed counselor, a seasoned minister and a joyful brain geek? Me. 

After years of having success in most areas of my life, I was fed up and embarrassed that I couldn't figure out how to have a healthy relationship with food and my body. I was determined to figure it out in a way that I could live (and eat) the rest of my life.

I've lost the extra 55 lbs and am confident, it's off for good. 

It's been a couple of years and even through the pandemic, family health issues, and significant professional transitions, it has STAYED off.

I feel free in ways I had only imagined. 

This is why I am committed to sharing what I've learned with women; how to release years of diet mentality and self-judgement and live a life that you dream of. 

I use what I know: how to change our mind for good by using and teaching accessible brain science, how to meet ourselves with compassion and learn to keep commitments to ourselves, our goals and our dreams through the use of developing habits that will serve a lifetime. 

 I meet you at the crossroads of mind, body, spirit. 

I can't wait for you to learn to love your body and be proud to call it home.

With a big dose of laughter, occasional irreverence, and the belief in you (even when you don't yet), I'll be honored to support your journey. 


     " I love food. I love to cook and I love to eat. I've tried different diets - Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Noom - but when I tired of restrictive practices, I always put the weight back on - and then some. I couldn't exercise due to a back condition but with this program, not only did I lose 10 lbs. in 10 weeks but I really enjoyed doing it. How great is that!?"
     " Alicia knows her stuff and she's passionate about what she does. She is a brilliant guide and mentor - knows how to listen and always responds with helpful insights and suggestions. I learnt a lot during this program and feel so much more empowered around my behavior and attitude towards food. I love to cook and to eat but I no longer overeat. I love my slimmer self and I'm totally confident that I'm going to stay fitter and healthier. This is an amazing program!"

Outsmart Overeating Course


Nine weeks Outsmart Overeating Course 

•  8 weeks of live Zoom classes
         and 1 Pause week to let things soak in

•  Video, audio, slide recordings with unlimited access during the   course

• Weekly Printable tools to help track your progress and change

•  Weekly live group coaching calls...
 so you never have to wonder if you are 'doing it right'
 and we get all your speed bumps figured out

•  Email Support and guidance between classes

•  Access to private women's community for inspiration and motivation. You will not be going it alone.

•Invitation to private Holiday Planning Class 

Course Curriculum